Congress delegates are responsible for making their own accommodation arrangements. EAA is not interfering in the hotel bookings.

While Bucharest offers a wide range of accommodation options, LOC has pre-booked rooms in a variety of hotels in city center, between 26 May and 30 May 2020. Please see here the details of hotels that already agreed to pre-book rooms for the congress delegates. More hotels may confirm later pre-booking rooms for congress delegates, and the list will be updated regularly based on new availability.

Each hotel agreed to pre-book a limited number of rooms at the negotiated rate for congress delegates, and to an expiration date after which any remaining pre-booked rooms will be released (generally in March or April 2020). Early booking is thus encouraged, especially in the hotels located at or very close to the congress venues. To benefit from the negotiated rate, book your own room via the provided form or link, while indicating the EAA2020 passcode. If you wish to stay with another delegate, please contact her/him and book your twin room. Hotels will not be involved in pairing congress delegates subsequent to the booking.

When booking any accommodation in Bucharest, we suggest that you carefully consider the distance from the congress and social venues. As Bucharest traffic may be heavy, particularly at rush hours (morning and afternoon/evening), we suggest that you enjoy reasonable walking distances. Bucharest’s subway network here may also be used as a means to travel to and from the venues, in case you decide to book accommodation beyond walking distances. Additionally, taxis are an option, but rush hour traffic will extend your travel time to the congress or social venues. Most hotel options LOC has arranged for congress delegates are situated within reasonable walking distances from the venues (approx. 15/20-minute walk, about 1/1.5 km).

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