Tourism Opportunities

Tourism in Romania is a flourishing business. Extremely diverse opportunities are easily reachable from Bucharest, by airplane, train or car, given the country’s reasonable size. The country features a great variety of natural landscapes and cultural resources of great value. These are complemented by invaluable archaeological sites, Dacian, Roman and Medieval remains, churches and monasteries, architectural edifices (palaces and castles), museums, the remarkable richness and diversity of its ethnic and folklore traditions, and the peoples’ warm hospitality. For an indication of possible tourist destinations in Romania, please refer here.

Bucharest is Romania’s capital city, a buzzing metropolis presenting numerous opportunities for tourists. The city’s Old Town, the imposing Palace of the Parliament, or various museums, as well as its restaurants offering a wide options of Romanian and international cuisine, have a lot to offer to tourists who want to discover a little bit of what Romania has to offer. Numerous tourist options are available, including free walking tours, parks and gardens, or national monuments. For an indication of possible tourist destinations in Bucharest, please refer here.

To assist congress delegates who might want to organize some sightseeing without interfering with the congress activities, LOC have put together a list of various tourist opportunities around the congress dates, together with some travel agencies. EAA/LOC will not interfere in these arrangements and will not be held liable in any way for these activities. Participants are invited to make their own arrangements with the respective agencies as soon as possible, and certainly before any deadlines that are indicated in the file, particularly for the options that require accommodation. As May-June is a great period to visit Romania, early booking is required. Trips are subject to a minimum number of participants, so early registration is highly advisable in order to confirm the plans. Prices differ according to the number of participants, so the indicated level is subject to change given the final confirmations. Please see the final prices with each respective agencies.

While other excursions and tours are available to delegates who will travel on their own, we believe that providing these options would give congress participants an option to consolidate their travels and network outside work, while (re)discovering Romania as a bonus. We hope that your visit in Bucharest and Romania will be memorable, one that you trigger in you the wish to return soon, for both professional and personal reasons.